MIIS 2003 Design Concepts

Posted by bink on May 19 2006, 2:09 AM. Posted in Identity Integration.

The MIIS 2003 Design Concepts document set provides discussions and recommended solutions for specific challenges that are encountered during the design phase of MIIS 2003.
You can download the following documents:MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Reference Attributes This document explains how reference attributes are processed by MIIS 2003 for direct attribute mapping scenarios and provides a conceptual explanation of a custom solution for advanced mapped reference attributes. It also includes design recommendations for both direct and advanced mapped attributes.MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Correlating Digital Identities This document discusses considerations for mapping attributes across different identities and configuring joins based on your business requirements. It introduces the concept of Correlation ID and explains how you can deploy a Correlation ID to establish strong object relationships in your identity integration solution.MIIS 2003 Design Concepts for Implementing Identity Data Functions This document introduces identity data functions (IFunctions), a design concept for identity data authoritativeness, discusses possible implementation options, and provides best practice recommendations for IFunctions. In these documents, you will find detailed discussions of specific challenges that are often encountered during the design of MIIS solutions. These documents present some of the most common design issues that are discussed in newsgroups and in e-mail discussion groups. We hope you find these documents useful. If you would like to discuss the content of a document or if you have any questions, feel free to post a message on the MIIS newsgroup on the Microsoft Web site (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=45219).Download At Source