Microsoft Voice Command released at Handango by Microsoft

Posted by bink on October 25 2003, 4:50 PM. Posted in Voice Commands.

Microsoft selling software at Handango? Yeah, that looks strange but it´s truth. Voice controlling software for Pocket PC becomes reality... (version for MS Smartphone coming later) More info follows.

Voice Command transforms your Pocket PC into your own virtual personal assistant by letting you use your voice to look up contacts and place phone calls, get calendar information, play and control your music, and launch applications in a way that is easier, more convenient, and safer while you are on the go. Voice Command uses state-of-the-art speech technology, which means you´ll never have to pre-record important phone numbers or use difficult commands. There are many ways to say commands so you can always find a command that it natural for you. You have the option of using a single command to get what you want or you can be guided, if you prefer. You can even ask "What can I say"? at any time to get help.

Voice Command Benefits: Speaker independent No voice training required Conversational style that asks you questions if more information is needed Use a single command to get what you want or be guided if you prefer. Say "What can I say" or "Help" at any time Voice Command was created to take advantage of the time people spend while mobile and on the move such as in the car, walking down the street, or holding packages, since people still need access to their personalized information, but can´t manually enter a phone number or tap through calendar appointments. We found that using your voice is a better way to use your Pocket PC not only when on the move, but in many situations even when at rest like sitting on a park bench or waiting in line. With Voice Command, experience the convenience, safety and efficiency of hands-free, voice-controlled interaction, no matter what obstacles life hands you.

Works with Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition

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