Microsoft Unveils Road Map for Speech Server 2007

Posted by bink on April 6 2006, 12:40 AM. Posted in Speech Server.

Beta for the third release of Microsoft’s speech and telephony platform is scheduled to be available in May. Microsoft Corp. today disclosed the road map and first set of features of its upcoming release of Microsoft® Speech Server 2007. Beginning in May, beta testers will have the opportunity to preview and provide feedback on Speech Server 2007, which is planned for release in late 2006. Speech Server 2007 is Microsoft’s next-generation speech and telephony platform to help contact centers and businesses meet the challenge of reducing costs while improving automated customer service over the telephone.

Speech Server 2007 will provide full support for Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) and Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML), which will enable customers to choose the development standard that will work best in their environment. In addition, Speech Server 2007 can easily plug into existing telephony infrastructures to deliver more cost-effective and integrated customer-service operations. Contact center and business managers will also have access to new monitoring tools that can identify performance issues and opportunities to help ensure that the system is efficiently and accurately addressing caller inquiries.

“Enterprise purchasing criteria is changing. More businesses today, than ever before, are making telephony and IT-based decisions regarding IVR platform technology to secure investments,” said Daniel Hong, senior voice business analyst at Datamonitor plc. “Microsoft’s support for both VoiceXML and SALT, in addition to key integrations with its tooling assets, provides Speech Server customers with a greater level of flexibility and investment protection across multiple infrastructures and applications. This enables organizations to choose and build an IVR solution that can seamlessly fit into their existing environments.”

“With Speech Server 2007, Microsoft will provide a flexible platform that is a cost-effective, long-term investment with the ability to integrate with current telephony infrastructures,” said Rich Bray, general manager of the Speech Server group at Microsoft. “In addition, with the new development capabilities we’re providing, companies that previously had to choose between the best long-term platform and support for VoiceXML can now have both with Speech Server 2007.” Continue at source