Microsoft to Synchronize with Ford

Posted by spy on January 2 2007, 5:19 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

At the Detroit Auto Show and at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2007, Microsoft and Ford are expected to introduce Sync. Sync is designed to be a Windows based, in-car navigation, information and entertainment system. The fact that Sync will be based on a Microsoft operating platform is an indication of the fact that software updates stand to become an integer part of car tuning. No ride pimping will be complete without security patches from Microsoft. As of yet, neither Microsoft nor Ford have made any official comments regarding the matter. However, the Redmond Company disclosed a few scarce details, revealing that it is indeed collaborating with Ford and that the Detroit Auto Show, January 7, and the Consumer Electronics Show, January 6, will be the stages were the result of collaboration will be announced. The Windows based, in-car technology will initially be available for only two Ford models in 2007, but it will expand to cover all the automaker's lineups in 2008. With the Microsoft Sync integrated into Ford models, auto owners will have access to email, connect to Virtual Earth, download and upload media content, or transfer information via the wireless capabilities. In 2007, Sync is expected to be integrated into Ford Focus and the Five Hundred Sedan series. This will only be available in the United States. Similar technology has already been introduced in Europe, through a partnership between Microsoft and Fiat.