Microsoft to offer a small-business version of Office 2010, after all

Posted by sumeethevans on June 30 2010, 6:03 AM. Posted in Office 2010.

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new Office 2010 SKU, known as Office Small Business Basics 2010, that will be targeted primarily at users in selected emerging markets.

The site has a screen shot mentioning the coming suite (and are the ones who alerted me to it). The new Small Business Basics SKU includes Word, Excel, Outlook and OneNote,a ccording to the Smart-max folks.

I asked Microsoft for more details about the Office Small Business Basics SKU (a k a, stock-keeping unit, or, in other words, a specific bundle) and received back a no comment. I’m betting the Softies are planning to use the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference as the announcement venue for the new SKU.

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