Microsoft to flash Windows ID cards

Posted by spy on May 18 2005, 5:22 PM. Posted in Live ID (Passport).

Microsoft is getting ready to provide an early peek at new Windows software that aims to help consumers deal with the plethora of Internet logins. The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant plans to release a technical preview of the software, code-named InfoCard, by the end of May, Microsoft said. It will also include other technologies designed to make using digital identities easier and safer, Microsoft's senior executive in charge of security, Mike Nash, said Tuesday. The release is for software developers, who will be asked to give Microsoft feedback on the technology, Nash said during his monthly security Webcast. In addition to InfoCard, Microsoft is also planning preview releases of technologies that it is pitching to enable the various identity systems used on the Internet to work together, he said. "One of the big challenges that people face today is that there are many different kinds of identity systems," said John Shewchuk, an architect in Microsoft's distributed systems group, who was also on the Webcast. InfoCard will be the most visible of Microsoft's efforts to PC users. It is designed to provide secure storage for identity information that will be shared with online services such as Web stores. The plans are reminiscent of Microsoft's largely failed efforts with Passport, a single sign-on service it unveiled in 1999. InfoCard is a new attempt, one that could solve the complaint many people had with Passport, which was that people's information was managed by Microsoft instead of by the users themselves and the businesses they dealt with. The developer preview is important as Microsoft moves from just talk to actually sharing some of the work in progress. Full Story At Source