Microsoft TechEd 2008 IT Pro USA Keynote

Posted by MBrant on June 10 2008, 10:29 PM. Posted in TechEd 2008.

This is a summery of the report Martijn Brant and Sumeeth Evans did this morning:

8:06      Live Tech•Ed NA IT Professionals Keynote delivered by Bob Muglia Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 8:30–10:00am EST <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>What better way to kick off this year's first Microsoft Tech•Ed North America 2008 IT Professionals than with the return of Bob Muglia, Senior Vice President of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. Join us as we blast forward "into the future" through the vision of the IT industry in the years to come. <o:p></o:p>8:26      We are here at the keynote. Starts in 5 mins<o:p></o:p>8:30      Hello to all from Sumeeth &  Martijn <o:p></o:p>8:31      BTW dont miss a session check for live recorded content. <o:p></o:p>8:34      I hope they are brodcasting this live band online. This is something we havent seen before. <o:p></o:p>8:39      <o:p></o:p> 8:39      Playing a video now.8:40      Bob Muglia intor...comes in...8:42      Takling about WS 2008, SQL 2008, VS 2008. Exciting products over the last 3 months. MS is a software platform provider and is a enabler. 8:42      IT Pro Hero Videos coming up. 8:44      8:45      Eli Hunter, IT Pro Hero after hurricane Katrina comes up to talk about his experiences. 8:46      8:47      Eli talks about how Sharepoint and groove helped finding and connecting families after the disaster.8:49      8:50      Now talking about dynamic IT. Saying that Microsoft has invested in dynamic IT for 5 years. Making IT a strategic asset. Learn more about it at 8:51      8:52      Announcing Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 Beta. Inviting Fred Delombaerde to demo. This is a Beta 3 release. 8:56      8:57      8:57      Integration with outlook, approval processes, provisioning etc... 8:59      9:00      It will be easy to incorporate ino the business and increase revenue. 9:00      Talking about interoperability. Connecting with customers to see where it is needed. Bob has been on a panel for 2 years understanding these needs. 9:00      9:02      Working on document formats, import and export. Especially how Windows systems interoperate with other systems. Talking about web services thats available and MS is pusing it.9:03      Calling Greg Leake and Jonathan Marsh to demo a end to end of a .net app with WCF. Showing a stock trading application. Demoing first on a complete .NET app to give a sense of how this works. 9:05      9:05      9:06      Now showing a PHP based app. It should work seamlessly since it .net uses industry standard web services app. 9:06      9:06      Now showing a java implementation. of the same stock market app. 9:09      Jonathan Marsh is from a company called WS02 which is a Open source middleware technology company for Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 9:11      9:12      Bob Mugia comes back on. Talks about virtualization. Server, Application, Desktop and Presentation Virtualization. 9:13      IT Pro Hero applying virtualization in their business. Video loop playing. Talking about looking at VMWare and why they choose MS. Most important being able to run on any hardware 9:17      Talking about how Hyper-V performs better than ESX. Hyper-V is at a very good price point and easy to implement. And incorporating in a great management scenario with System Center VMM etc. 9:19      9:22      Next is Application Virtualization.Separate app from OS. Changing application Modes. Rakesh Malhotra to show demo of System Center VMM 2008 with Hyper V 9:22      SCVMM 2008 will manage VM's HyperV and also VMWare 9:24      9:25      Enire user interface on SCVMM can be done and is done on Powershell.9:26      9:27      Live migrations can be done. Running VM can be moved from one Virtual Server to another. It is possible to move a live running VM from VMWare to Hyper V. Its called V-Motion. No downtime as percieved by the end user. 9:29      This will also be integrated with OPS Manager. It will give "PRO" tips. Since OPS Manager is looking at applications and services and will prompt admin to make changes for example provision webservers on times of heavy loads to offset processes. 9:31      Show "PRO tips" on things like power management. It makes the system self healing per se. 9:34      Talking about app virtualization. SoftGrid to stream a application. Key is to seperate application from OS so deployment is quicker or old apps can still be used. 9:37      9:38      Talking about app virtualization and aquisition of Kidaro9:40      Jameel Khalfan demoing "Managing Virtual Dektops" 9:43      9:43      Talking about live services. Showing Exchange Online. 9:44      9:50      9:51      Now talking about SQL Server. Demoing SQL Server 2008 with Val Fontama Administration features. 9:54      Talking about Data Compression resulting in better performance and disk storage. 9:56      Automate routine tasks. Built-In Policies in SQL server 08. Can be run on demand or on schedule. Can run all policies from either SQL Mgmt Console or even Powershell 9:58      9:59      10:01    This week is the continuation of celebrating these products. That ends the presentation. <o:p></o:p>10:02    We are shuffling out......See you at another session soon as we continue our live coverage. 10:08    Thats it folks we are off now...See you soon.