Microsoft SQL Server 2008 RTM on 31. July?

Posted by bink on July 25 2008, 8:06 PM. Posted in SQL 2005.

Odd Kristoffersen: When will SQL Server 2008 ship? “When it’s ready,” which has been Microsoft’s standard answer for the release to manufacturing (RTM) date of pretty much every Microsoft product, and certainly for all its SQL Server products. But I was talking to a Microsoft representative the other day regarding implementation of Dynamics AX 2009 and we are eager to use SQL 2008 in this deployment to take advantage of the database compression that will give great improvments regarding throughput, scalability and response time. I was then told that the scheduled release date now is 31. July.Any followp up questions regarding the release date of SQL 2008 was answered with the usual; "I don't know, I can not say"So anyway we can wait 6 more days to see if this will come true, because the benefits of deploying on 2008 plattform will be so great that it's worth the while.

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