Microsoft Says IE8 Release Imminent

Posted by spy on December 20 2008, 4:55 AM. Posted in Internet Explorer.

 Microsoft won't say exactly when it will ship the Release Candidate of its Internet Explorer 8 browser but it's "just around the corner," according to a senior company official.Dean Hachamovitch, general manger of the company's Internet Explorer team, on Tuesday called on developers to ensure a good customer experience prior to product's final release. "In short, developers, start your engines," Hachamovitch said in a phone interview.Currently, Beta 2 of IE8 is available to the general public. Hachamovitch said that Microsoft has been listening to user feedback and added improvements to the Release Candidate version. The Release Candidate represents the final test stage preceding general product release."We took the feedback from Beta 2 and we acted on it, and people are going to see that in the Release Candidate," Hachamovitch said. "The feedback from the last build has been pretty positive," he added.Despite declining to be pinned down on a precise release date, Hachamovitch previously suggested in an IE blog that it would appear sometime in the first quarter of 2009.The Release Candidate is the "call to action," he said, a signal that IE8 effectively is completed as a product. Hachamovitch added that developers should expect the final product to behave like the Release Candidate version.Microsoft says it took extra care to stay true to standards with IE8. Because of that, Web developers who designed their sites to work with earlier versions of Internet Explorer might have to address some display alignment problems when their site's markup is parsed in IE8.

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