Microsoft's ridiculously bad implementation of bluetooth part2

Posted by bink on October 23 2003, 11:58 PM. Posted in Blue Tooth.

Few weeks ago I Posted an article of an blog of a MS employee and his dissatisfaction of his MS BlueTooth hardware.

Here is his update

sent out mail after my bluetooth rant a couple weeks ago... I started with a few people I knew... slowly grew the circle... eventually got forwarded to someone in the hardware group... eventually got to the right people... and started a conversation...

  • First - confirmation that the current bluetooth stack does not support SPP.
  • Second - confirmation that the hardware will support any profile that the software stack supports.
  • Third - no confirmation on SPP support in the future. Bummer.

The good news - at "some point" in the future they are looking at supporting it, but nothing solid as of now.  I have hope at least...

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