Microsoft Patches “Broadcast Flag”/CGMS-A Issues

Posted by sumeethevans on June 11 2008, 9:50 PM. Posted in Windows Vista.

Today Microsoft is will a patch to correct the issues seen in last month’s reported “Broadcast Flag” issues.  In reality, the fix is for CGMS-A and the official word is still that Media Center doesn’t support the Broadcast Flag and that last month’s issue propagated from CGMS-A being on the analog source data that was broadcast by NBC.

The patch changes functionality in Media Center for CGMS-A on antenna and non-STB configurations.  CGMS-A CopyNever (1:1) will be recorded as CopyOnce (1:0) effectively ending the “Recording Prohibited” messages seen as month.  This means if CGMS-A finds its way onto an OTA broadcast it will always be recorded, but if CGMS-A is set it will be protected once recorded.  If you are using analog cable (no STB) the same takes places.

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