Microsoft Office Live Small Business reaches a pivotal milestone

Posted by vasudev on July 1 2008, 2:17 AM. Posted in Office Live.

 Microsoft Office Live Small Business ( has reached a pivotal milestone: In less than two years since its November 2006 commercial debut, the online service that helps entrepreneurs take, promote and manage their businesses online has surpassed more than 1 million subscribers. This milestone demonstrates that increasing numbers of small businesses — particularly those with fewer than 10 employees, for which the Office Live Small Business service is specifically designed — are realizing the importance of having a Web presence.

Although Internet access is pervasive among U.S. small businesses, many very small businesses still lack a company Web site, signaling a strong opportunity for millions more to get online.1 Today, as more and more consumers turn to the Web to search for products and services, small businesses are increasingly choosing to embrace the power of the Web through services such as Office Live Small Business, which has more than doubled its subscriber base in the past year alone.

“From the outset we knew we wanted to tailor Office Live Small Business to the smallest of small businesses because they have unique needs that were not being addressed by any other service at the time,” said Baris Cetinok, director of product management, marketing and planning for Microsoft Office Live Small Business. “We focused on three key things: make the service easy to use, make it affordable and make it all work together.”

Office Live Small Business customers who immediately saw the positive effects of having a Web presence are Mary Hetherington of Brentwood, Calif., who runs a women’s health club called FitDimensions, Lisa Christian of Kirkland, Wash., who runs a yoga studio, and Afua Anim of Washington, D.C., who runs a boutique bakery................Continue At Source