Microsoft Not Giving Up On UMPCs

Posted by bink on June 20 2006, 12:45 PM. Posted in UMPC (Origami).

Microsoft isn't backing down from its UMPC efforts despite a disappointing reception from many within the tech industry. UMPC devices have gotten off to a rather slow start with only Samsung's Q1 seeing any widespread availability in the US market thanks to Best Buy. Even though US consumers can easily snap up a Q1 if they wish, the $1,100 price tag is pushing away many potential buyers.

That high price of entry has been the #1 complaint from many reviewers and analysts in the industry and is a far cry from the original $600 base target that Microsoft boasted during the platform's launch. Even Asustek's recently announced R2 just barely comes under the $1,000 mark in base form.

Microsoft is hoping that it will be able to work with UMPC manufacturers to introduce a new wave of devices that come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and most importantly -- lower price points. "You'll see an additional wave of UMPCs available in the holiday timeframe. We are seeing a lot more Tier 1 players get a lot more interested in releasing the UMPC," remarked Mika Kramer, head of the Windows Client Mobility Marketing Team. Continue At Source