Microsoft Math 3.0 Trial

Posted by bink on June 14 2007, 1:43 AM. Posted in Math.

According to an independent survey conducted by Microsoft, 77 percent of teachers and 73 percent of parents claim math and science are the most difficult homework subjects for students. To help with this problem, Microsoft developed a new resource.
Introducing Microsoft Math!
With Microsoft Math, students learn how to solve equations step-by-step while gaining a better understanding of fundamental math and science concepts.
Microsoft Math has these great features:
  • The Graphing Calculator, with extensive graphing and equation-solving capabilities.
  • Step-by-Step Math Solutions that guide students through problems in subjects from pre-algebra to calculus.
  • The Formulas and Equations Library, with more than 100 common math equations and formulas to help students identify and easily apply the right equation.
  • The Triangle Solver, a graphing tool that students can use to explore triangles, and understand the relationship between different components to solve sides, angles, values and formulas.
  • The Unit Conversion Tool lets students quickly and easily convert units of measure including length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, power, velocity and time.
  • New! Ink Handwriting Support works with Tablet and Ultra-Mobile PCs, so students can write out problems by hand and have them recognized by Microsoft Math.
An affordable way to make math and science homework easier – Microsoft Math!
Download the free 30-day trial version now.