Microsoft MapPoint Location Server, Version

Posted by bink on January 15 2005, 2:28 PM. Posted in Location Server.

Previous release was from March 2004, this is build few days ago, dont know what is changed.
Microsoft® MapPoint® Location Server is an enterprise server product that works with PC and mobile device clients to help enterprise users determine the location of coworkers who are using a wireless devices. Mobile personnel can use MapPoint Location Server to locate each other and to find other places they want to visit; for example, to find a hotel or conference center while on a business trip.MapPoint Location Server includes three main components:
  • MapPoint Location Server Web Service—A Web service, installed within the enterprise, that works with both mobile operators and MapPoint Web Service to provide location services, render maps, find points of interest, and supply driving directions.
  • MapPoint Location Server database—A SQL Server 2000 database that stores information about users, Find Nearby categories, and other information related to MapPoint Location Server.
  • MapPoint Location Server management console—A Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that can be used to administer MapPoint Location Server.

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