Microsoft Launches Multilingual Windows XP Starter Edition for the Malaysian Market

Posted by bink on June 30 2006, 12:24 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

Microsoft (M) Sdn Bhd recently launched Windows XP Starter Edition for the Malaysian market, which the company claims is the only OS in the world that is available in four different languages - namely Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Tamil.

According to its managing director Butt Wai Choon, with the launch of Windows XP Starter Edition, more Malaysians can tap into the world of computing and enhance their capabilities, as well as contribute to the growth of the economy.

"Moreover, Windows XP Starter Edition is an excellent product for bridging the digital divide. This is because the OS is simplified and customised in four local languages. By interacting with the computer through languages they are familiar with, more people can become tech savvy," he said.

Windows XP Starter Edition lists over 20 system improvements which include a Getting Starter Guide that consists of 13 chapters of video tutorials to help beginners get started. My Support Help, another feature, provides lesson plan and graphics-type assistance to users.

As a security measure, the Internet Connection Firewall is always turned on.

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