Microsoft Launches All-in-One PC Care for Home and Small Business Networks

Posted by vasudev on November 15 2007, 2:37 PM. Posted in OneCare.

 Today’s families increasingly have more than one PC at home, and with Microsoft internal data suggesting the average U.S. household now owns approximately 2.5 PCs, households and small businesses have a strong need to simplify the way they provide security and care for all of their PCs. With increased mobility and the rise of the home computer network, ensuring a stable, secure computing experience has become more complex, yet important as ever before.

To address this complexity, Microsoft introduced Windows Live OneCare, one of the first software products to provide a comprehensive PC care solution. Today, Microsoft announced the next version of Windows Live OneCare, which provides even greater security for home or small offices, and delivers features that make it easy to back up data and manage multiple PCs.

PressPass spoke with Amy Barzdukas, senior director for Windows Live OneCare, about the launch of Windows Live OneCare and how it can provide customers with an easier way to manage their computers and protect their information.

PressPass: What is Windows Live OneCare?

Barzdukas: Windows Live OneCare is designed to be an all-in-one PC care solution for security and performance issues that can plague the home PC computing experience. Personal computing should be about being more productive, having fun, and having access to the information and tools that help us do what we want, without having to worry about security or performance issues.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. Ensuring that a family has a safe computing experience is becoming more complicated. It can be time consuming and cumbersome for families to configure their wireless networks and to back up important data like their digital photos—their digital memories. That’s the beauty of Windows Live OneCare. We offer one easy solution that is automatic, so maintaining and configuring PCs becomes quite simple.

In addition to using its own anti-virus and anti-phishing capabilities, Windows Live OneCare supports up to three computers on one subscription. At my house, that means one subscription covers the PC in the family room, the office, and the laptop the kids use for homework.

PressPass: Can you tell me more about this concept of PC care?

Barzdukas: The average household that owns a computer today actually has about two-and-a-half PCs and they're using them in many different ways, both online and offline. Like in my house, one PC might be used primarily by the parents for managing family finances and storing family photos, another PC might be used by the kids for playing games and doing homework, and there could potentially be a third that’s used by the whole family, and which stores all of their music and entertainment. Any of these machines will certainly be used to access the Internet as well, and odds are that they're also connected to each other by a wireless network.

The whole concept of PC care is designed to help these customers stay safe, keep their PCs well maintained, and protect their data automatically. Towards that end, Windows Live OneCare is designed for use by even the most non-technical user.........

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