Microsoft Game Banned for *** Scene

Posted by bink on November 16 2007, 7:59 PM. Posted in Games For Windows.

Singapore has banned a Microsoft Corp video game which contains a scene showing a human woman and an alien woman kissing and caressing each other, a local newspaper reported on Thursday.

The Straits Times said "Mass Effect"—a highly anticipated futuristic space adventure game from Microsoft—was banned by Singapore's Media Development Authority.

In October, Singapore's parliament decided to keep a ban on sex between men, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the city-state should keep its conservative values and not allow special rights for homosexuals.

Singapore is the only country to have banned the game, so far, and it is the first Microsoft video game to be banned in the city-state, The Straits Times said.

The move has caused an outcry among local and international gamers who said the decision was too strict, the newspaper said.

The report said Singapore has in the past, banned at least two other video games—Sony Corp's "God Of War 2", for nudity, and unlisted Top Cow Productions' "The Darkness", for excessive violence and religiously offensive expletives.