Microsoft Flight Launches February 29, 2012

Posted by sumeethevans on February 7 2012, 2:52 AM. Posted in Flight Simulator.

On the heels of a successful beta, we’re excited to announce that “Microsoft Flight” will be available to download worldwide for free starting February 29, 2012, right here at In addition, the Hawaiian Adventure Pack – which includes the remaining Hawaiian Islands, a new plane and 20 new missions – will be available to purchase the same day through Games for Windows—LIVE.
Microsoft Flight lets players jump into the fun, freedom, and adventure of flight with no special hardware or past experience. If you have a mouse and a PC, you can fly!
We’d also like to thank our beta testers for their invaluable help in getting Microsoft Flight ready for takeoff.
Our executive producer, Joshua Howard, had this to say: “There was an overwhelming demand for access to the ‘Microsoft Flight’ beta and the number of requests was far more than what we initially planned for. We received amazing feedback from the beta participants and it’s great to see this level of excitement from fans as we move toward the release of Microsoft Flight.”
We hope you’ll come fly with us on February 29th!
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