Microsoft Fires Back at Deceptive Windows 7 Claims by Sophos

Posted by bink on November 11 2009, 4:29 PM. Posted in Security, Windows 7.

After security researchers at Sophos tried to garner cheap headlines with an overly-sensational non-story about how Windows 7 supposedly failed to prevent 80 percent of malware attacks, Microsoft finally fired back. In a blog posting, Paul Cooke, director of Windows Enterprise Client Security at Microsoft, explained that the Sophos claim was, of course, bogus.

"I'm not a fan of companies sensationalizing findings about Windows 7 in order to sell more of their own software," he wrote. "This test [simply] shows that ... most people don't knowingly have and run known malware on their system. Malware typically makes it onto a system through other avenues like the browser or email program. So while I absolutely agree that antivirus software is essential to protecting your PC, there are other defenses as well."

The Sophos test was completely bogus because it threw malware at an unprotected, stock Windows 7 system, one that had no antivirus software installed. Microsoft recommends, as always, that customers install antivirus software, and the company this year made a free solution, Security Essentials, available for Windows 7 (and Vista and XP) users worldwide. Microsoft has never claimed that Windows 7 does not require antivirus.

Full Story at WinInfo: Microsoft Fires Back at Deceptive Windows 7 Claims by Sophos didnt post the Sophos article because we found it was ridiculous. I liked the 1st comment on this article placed on Slashdot:

“Next you'll be telling me that 8 out of 10 people who have unprotected sex with HIV-positive, syphilitic, sore-encrusted prostitutes will contract some sort of venereal disease.”