Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions Catalogue - July 2008

Posted by bink on July 10 2008, 3:16 PM. Posted in Dynamics.

We are excited to bring you a rich portfolio of over 100 packaged software solutions covering a wide range of industries, verticals and regions.
Whether you are looking for a solution to automate tax preparation for Spanish companies, to streamline fashion industry processes in Hong Kong, or to reduce printing costs in the U.S., we are confident that you will find the right solution for your specific business needs.All solutions in this catalogue have been compatibility tested. Over half of them have already earned the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® accreditation and the rest are in the process towards achieving accreditation. The Certified for Microsoft Dynamics logo helps you clearly distinguish packaged software solutions delivered by Microsoft partners which have met Microsoft’s highest standard for partner developed software solutions. Solutions in this catalogue have met these stringent criteria to be able to offer you a menu of trusted, lower-risk solutions for faster implementation and simpler maintenance.
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