Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset RTM'ed

Posted by bink on April 6 2007, 2:37 PM. Posted in Desktop Optimization Pack.

Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset, part of Software Assurance Desktop Optimization Pack has RTM'ed. The product will be available in May for Software Assurance customers. The pack contains 4 parts:

Microsoft SoftGrid “virtualizes” applications, meaning they can run on multiple PCs and other licensed desktops running Microsoft Windows without being locally installed. Instead, they run as individual networked services, enabling central deployment and management, minimizing compatibility problems and providing employees more ways to access applications.

Microsoft Asset Inventory Services is designed to analyze all programs on employee PCs, and provide the most current, accurate inventory.

Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management increases control over Group Policy Objects (GPOs) – the component rules within Windows’ administrative management system – and is intended to allow IT administrators to delegate or assign administrative control of specific tasks based on employees’ titles or roles.

Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset makes it possible for the IT department to quickly pinpoint the causes of PC troubles, recover lost data and prevent future downtime with post-crash analysis.

Originally the release was planned in January of this year. I cannot confirm RTM and release of the other 3 parts, but I assume this is the case.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack


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Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance (MDOP) is a dynamic desktop solution available to Software Assurance customers, which reduces application deployment costs, enables delivery of applications as services, and allows for better management and control of enterprise desktop environments. It helps reduce the TCO of the entire Windows desktop life cycle by accelerating OS and application management, and enhancing IT responsiveness and end-user uptime. This video provides an overview of the technologies delivered by MDOP and the way they can enable your organization to realize an optimized desktop.

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Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management gives you greater control over Group Policy Objects through change management, versioning, and rollbacks. In this video demonstration, see how you can more easily control the desktop and ensure less downtime from conflicting or improperly configured GPOs.

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery ToolsetSee it now See it now(23 minutes)

The Microsoft Diagnostics Recovery Toolset repairs any unbootable or lock-out desktop systems that have crashed. By manipulating components on the offline system, it helps you return the PC to service, recover lost data, and prevent future downtime. This video explains how you can recover failed systems with minimal manual effort—and with much less time than is required when restoring PCs from backup or reinstalling operating systems.

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With Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization, you can turn Windows applications into centrally managed, virtual services that are never installed, and can be instantly streamed to any desktop or laptop. In this one-hour video, learn how SoftGrid's virtualization technology can simplify desktop administration by automating processes for deploying, patching, updating, and terminating applications. It is now easier—and requires fewer IT resources—to address complex critical business projects such as OS and application migrations, security refreshes, and disaster recovery plans.