Microsoft Casual Games to Offer Developers Additional Revenue Opportunities With New Ad-Share Program

Posted by bink on February 8 2007, 4:02 AM. Posted in MSN.

Initiative aims to encourage innovative game development by sharing advertising profits from MSN Games’ casual game titles.

Microsoft® Casual Games today unveiled plans to share a percentage of in-game advertising revenue from MSN® Games ( with its casual game developers. Starting today, developers of Web-based titles hosted on MSN Games, one of the world’s largest online casual games portals, are eligible to take advantage of the new Ad-Share Program. Designed to help foster increased innovation in the casual games space, this progressive program also empowers casual game developers with a much-needed new revenue stream.

“Casual game developers traditionally operate on a limited revenue model, typically receiving a set fee from downloadable titles or a small royalty associated with game subscriptions,” said Chris Early, studio manager for Microsoft Casual Games at Microsoft. “Now, by sharing in-game advertising revenue, we’re allowing a more diversified business model that gives our partners more resources to create new, innovative titles for the 13 million people we see every month on MSN Games.”

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