Microsoft Backtracks, Allows MSN Music Access Until 2011

Posted by sumeethevans on June 22 2008, 12:01 AM. Posted in MSN.

After taking some heat for its April decision to shutter its MSN Music servers, Microsoft this week backtracked and decided to allow access until the end of 2011.

"After careful consideration, Microsoft has decided to continue to support the authorization of new computers and devices and delivery of new license keys for MSN Music customers through at least the end of 2011, after which we will evaluate how much this functionality is still being used and what steps should be taken next to support our customers," Microsoft wrote in an e-mailed letter to customers that was posted on BoingBoing.

The software giant initially planned to delete its MSN Music license servers on August 31, meaning any music purchased from the now-defunct MSN Music Store would only be accessible via the five computers users authorized to play the tunes.

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