Microsoft Application Virtualization (app-v) for Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services

Posted by bink on October 16 2009, 1:10 AM. Posted in Terminal Services.

App-V for TS / RDS help solve applications compatibility on Terminal Servers / Session Hosts
Server growth is a costly issue for organizations that rely on session hosts / terminal servers. To avoid application conflicts, applications must undergo significant testing to determine which applications will collide and, therefore, must be separated and run on different session host / terminal server silos—a time-consuming and costly process. Running multiple separate terminal servers for each application routinely results in servers being underutilized because each one is locked into a specific configuration, capable of serving only a limited set of non-conflicting applications, typically using just 25 percent of capacity. Often, 20 servers are required to support 1,000 users. Microsoft App-V for Terminal Services completely changes this situation offering the following features and benefits: Consolidate servers and end server siloing, end application conflicts and regression testing, accelerate application deployment, reduce deployment risk, simplify profile management
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