Microsoft Announces New Partners, Customers and Programs at IBC2007 to Further Its Digital Media Strategy

Posted by bink on September 7 2007, 3:03 PM. Posted in Windows Media.

Adopting Microsoft technologies and solutions helps media and entertainment organizations simplify the digital content life cycle.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Sept. 7, 2007 — This week at IBC2007, Microsoft Corp. is announcing new customers, partners and programs that further underscore the value Microsoft provides to organizations in the media and entertainment industry. Through its broad range of solutions, Microsoft enables media and entertainment companies to create and manage nearly endless varieties of media and deliver stunning entertainment experiences to their customers.

Microsoft is highlighting updates, including new customers and partners, for two solutions launched in April at NAB2007: Microsoft® Silverlight™ and Microsoft Interactive Media Manager (IMM). In addition, Microsoft is detailing new customer and partner adoption of the Microsoft VC-1 Encoder software developer kit (SDK) and is announcing the Microsoft Mediaroom™ Interoperability and Qualification Lab (IQ Lab) for digital video encoders. Microsoft is also outlining collaborative efforts with KT Corp. and SBSi, a subsidiary of SBS Media Group, to create a digital content and syndication hub for suppliers and distributors of content.

“The continuing changes in the media and entertainment industry signal the need for solutions that help companies simplify the complexities in creating and managing content and delivering an enticing user experience whether on a television, mobile phone or PC,” said Michael O’Hara, general manager of the Communications Sector at Microsoft. “The new customers and partners that are lining up to support solutions such as Silverlight, IMM and VC-1 Encoder are just a few examples of the positive reinforcement we’ve received from the industry that show our strategy is on the right path.”

Content Creation

Microsoft continues to develop the foundational technologies that help media companies create rich media content easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

At IBC2007, Microsoft is announcing broad industry support for the Microsoft VC-1 Encoder SDK, a commercial offering first announced in April. Leading product vendors are taking advantage of the substantial quality and performance improvements delivered through the new technology and are building next-generation products that efficiently produce exceptional video imagery for a variety of distribution and consumption scenarios. Consequently, major content providers, recognizing the benefits of faster encoding and the value of delivering best-of-breed video quality to their customers, are also adopting the new VC-1 Encoder technology through these new tools.

In the broadband and mobile content distribution segments, Red Bee Media Ltd. has chosen tools based on the VC-1 Encoder from Anystream Inc. to rapidly repurpose and streamline the delivery of high-quality, bandwidth-efficient video content for the BBC’s innovative new iPlayer service.

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