Microsoft AdCenter Labs Gives Demographic Data On Websites

Posted by sumeethevans on September 11 2007, 2:36 AM. Posted in adCenter.

I  finally looked through Microsoft’s AdCenter Labs, a great website which shows you, to the best of their knowledge and research, the demographic data on various websites (perfect for deciding where to advertise). The information there is interesting as well as useful.

For example, Digg, a website Microsoft knows well about since it is an ad partner, has an audience that is 83% male (shocker!) and 27% of users are 25-34, with almost 2/3 of the total under the age of 34.

Meanwhile, this website is a little better. 64% of you are male, which for a tech site is probably a good distribution (more women than Microsoft Watch, Google Blogoscoped, Engadget, a little less than TechCrunch or Boing Boing, tied with LiveSide). Interestingly, InsideMicrosoft is 71% male and 29% female, while InsideGoogle is more balanced at 59/41%.

27.2% of you are 25-34 years old, another 26.8% are 18-24 and 23% are 34-49. That means that the readers of this blog are a pretty well distributed cross-section of the tech industry, unlike some blogs where the majority of readers are in a single age group, or where half the readers are still in high school. 9.8% of you are below the age of 18, but the younger readers I’ve spoken to seem pretty smart, so I’m calling that a good thing, too. 13.2% are over 50. is 68% female. Wow! Good for them, attracting a tough-to-reach audience.











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