Microsoft Acquires Technology Assets From Unveil Technologies for Speech Server

Posted by bink on October 7 2005, 2:20 AM. Posted in Speech Server.

Microsoft Corp. today announced it has acquired certain intellectual property assets from Unveil Technologies Inc., a leading developer of enterprise call center technology and the award-winning Unveil Conversation Suite.

With this acquisition, Microsoft will be able to incorporate the Adaptive Learning and Conversation Assist components of the Unveil Conversation Suite into future versions of Microsoft® Speech Server, supporting the company’s continued commitment to deliver the most flexible and integrated speech platform at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Microsoft believes that, when integrated into the Speech Server platform, Unveil’s innovative learn-by-example and agent assist technologies will make it easier, faster and less expensive for customers to develop and optimize speech applications.

“Unveil’s technology is a natural fit with Speech Server because it is in line with our vision of making speech applications affordable and easy to develop and maintain,” said Rich Bray, general manager of the Speech Server group at Microsoft. “By supplementing our toolset with Conversation Suite technologies, even a nontechnical call-center manager can prototype and develop robust speech applications.”

“Technology like Unveil’s Conversation Suite helps make speech recognition systems even more efficient and beneficial for companies looking for ways to improve their contact centers,” said Art Schoeller, senior analyst for Yankee Group. “Integrating this technology into a larger platform such as Speech Server is a natural extension for both companies and will have a positive outcome for customers.”

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