Mark Russinovich - Under the Hood: Windows Vista Performance…Need Answers?

Posted by sumeethevans on October 2 2008, 1:11 AM. Posted in Webcasts, Windows Vista.

In the third installment of the popular Springboard series roundtable hosted by Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich, the discussion focused on Windows Vista performance, how to assess, measure, improve, optimize and set baselines on the performance of a Vista based system. He talks about some tools and tips as well as dispel some of the myths surrounding windows based systems.

The roundtable focuses on expectations from a Vista system, the fact that Vista is installed on older hardware and expected to perform well. Ed Bott, ZDNet blogger and award winning author compares performance of system pre and post Vista SP1 and says that the “experience was so dramatically improved which was a real world validation of both the ecosystem and the operating system catching up”

“There are a number of really good fixes that went into SP1 to improve performance across things like boot, file copy performance. So there was an emphasis by Microsoft to really have SP1 focused on addressing some of those performance concerns. But I think that it’s worth talking about the ecosystem maturity and the fact that we are seeing a lot of these drivers for common devices really improving on not just performance but also power management which is often a trade-off that has to be made in devices. How effectively can we perform at high speeds but also on battery power as notebooks are becoming more and more prevalent in the ecosystem. So that driver maturity has really helped a lot in terms of the kind of performance that people can expect on a Vista platform,” stated Gabriel Aul, Principal Group Program Manager for Microsoft, Windows Performance.

Performance is a really difficult thing to measure and standardize; it usually depends on what the expectation is and what the needs of the users are. Usually, companies try to roll out the same hardware model throughout the organization but they don’t realize that various roles needs different hardware to run them. One of the ways to overcome is to use thin clients, soft grid etc. Mark dives into tools like reliability and performance monitor as well as tools from sysinternals like process explorer and demonstrates how they can be used to measure performance.Watch this very interesting webcast and the live questions asked and plan on attending future ones from the Springboard Series.Link