MapPoint and Location Services discussion with Alex Nanos of Microsoft Canada

Posted by bink on May 14 2004, 12:27 PM. Posted in Location Server.

MGN: I spent some time at MDC Toronto with Alex Nanos of Microsoft Canada.  He was kind enough to talk to us about MapPoint and Location services and what this all means to the consumer.

Sean : Alex, thanks for giving us a few minutes.  Tell us what this stuff is all about.

Alex : About a year ago we took MapPoint, our mapping technology product and converted it to a web service so that application developers can drag and drop a literal XML web service into their applications.  You send the address information and we'll send you back a map, you send a latitude - longitude, we'll send you back a map.  So it's an over the network service that is being leveraged by Dollar Rent-A-Car and MSN Autos and others that want driving directions on a web site and instead of having localized information, they can pull it over the network as a service.

So what we did at that point was about two months ago we announces a product called MapPoint Location Server.  The MapPoint Location Server again is what will take this to the next level.  Typically we would have installed MapPoint on multiple desktops to make an application but now you can draw from a web service.

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