Manage Activation Using VAMT 2.0_White Paper

Posted by bink on April 4 2010, 2:36 AM. Posted in Windows "7", Windows 2008 R2.

The Volume Activation Management Tool, or VAMT, is a free Microsoft tool to help administrators perform many tasks related to Windows product activation, using a single tool.

VAMT can be an important tool to help you centrally manage and automate a range of activities related to Windows activation. Core benefits of VAMT include: • The ability to protect product keys by retaining them only in the VAMT console, vs. including a key in an image or distributing it in plain text • Perform activations without each system having to connect and activate with Microsoft activation services • Inventory and monitor systems in the environment from an activation and licensing standpoint VAMT enables you to remotely activate managed systems. You can perform MAK, KMS host, KMS client, and retail activations. VAMT uses WMI to remotely manage activations and other related tasks on managed systems. VAMT also can assist with license compliance, letting you monitor license state for the systems under management


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