Live Search Mobile update for Windows Mobile

Posted by sumeethevans on January 8 2009, 2:23 PM. Posted in Live Search.

For those of you using Windows Mobile phones, we have great news. This week we're releasing an update to our Live Search Mobile app for Windows Mobile. With this release, we've added some features that make it easier to find local businesses and to get maps and directions on your mobile phone.

For starters, no more fumbling around with your phone trying to enter your exact location. Location detection helps you automatically find your location even if you're not on a GPS-enabled phone.

 Image of Live Search Mobile

We also know that entering text on a mobile phone can be a pain. That's why we first introduced voice input in previous releases. With this release we've also added predictive query input to help speed up your searches. That's a fancy way of saying that after entering a few letters, you can browse through previous searches as well as some suggested ones.

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