Italian Political Representatives And Leading Industry Experts Join Microsoft at Manufacturing Innovation Road Show

Posted by bink on March 16 2006, 2:20 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

Speakers to focus on ways to improve production processes and increase efficiency while still reducing costs.

Microsoft today announced details of the Italian Manufacturing Innovation Road Show, the second in a series of two-day events taking place throughout Europe. The Italian event will take place on 29 and 30 March 2006 at the Centro Congressi MilanoFiori.

The Manufacturing Innovation Road Show, which is hosted by Microsoft and supported by 17 leading manufacturing companies, will focus on technology innovation in the manufacturing industry and how this can be used to help reduce costs, increase competition and optimise business processes.

The Milan event is aimed at corporate decision makers, visionaries, strategy leaders and line-of-business executives and will look at different market segments of the manufacturing industry including: automotive, consumer packaged goods, discrete manufacturing, fashion, industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals and the process industry. A highlight of the event will be the real-life experiences presented by manufacturers, including the famous Italian shoemaker, GEOX.

The first day will be opened by senior executives from Microsoft and Bruno Tabacci, president of the Parliamentary Commission for Production, Commerce and Tourism, who will present their views on innovation in the manufacturing sector. Presentations from representatives of leading manufacturing consultancies and technology providers will follow, covering the topics below:

• Product design• Real-time interoperability for manufacturing intelligence• Innovation and differentiation in the value chain• Increasing corporate value through business processes

The first day will conclude with a roundtable moderated by leading manufacturing industry expert, professor Giancarlo Capitani, CEO of NetConsulting. It will feature executives from manufacturing technology providers as well as representatives from EU agencies and associations, such as Enrico Letta, secretary general of AREL (Research and Legislation Agency) and Matteo Colaninno, national president of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria (the Italian manufacturing industries association).