Introducing the February 2011 Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit

Posted by sumeethevans on February 18 2011, 9:11 PM. Posted in Windowss Phone 7 Series.

Today we pushed the button on the February 2011 release of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit. We’ve added a few new controls that previously app developers had to pick up separately while working on polishing their apps, including the tilt effect and performance progress bar. VB samples, too!
  • The tilt effect in use on the main page
  • The LongListSelector, which has received a number of improvements and bug fixes
  • The performance progress bar, including a quick demonstration where the blue progress bar (the PerformanceProgressBar in the toolkit) competes against the red standard ProgressBar with the user interface thread blocked. Also, the blue performance progress bar automatically fades out, yielding a smooth UX polish for your apps.
  • The tilt effect page, where you see a button, checkbox, and hyperlinkbutton being touched, responding with the tilt effect underneath.
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