Interview with Mark Russinovich: the future of Sysinternals, Security, Windows

Posted by vasudev on September 2 2008, 3:39 PM. Posted in TechNet EDGE.

Check out this cool interview with Mark Russinovich who talks of the future of the sysinternals tools, security, and windows (beyond Windows 7). Here's how it breaks down: What surprises Mark has had since he joined Microsoft How much time he spends on Sysinternal tools and other things 02:53 - His interaction and stories with Bill Gates 06:16 - What the future of sysinteral / winternal tools looks like 08:21 - considerations for integration with Netmon 3 09:25 - Security monitoring (i.e. AD, WMI, other objects) 12:14 - A day where we don't have to go into so much depth to fix software/computer ......Also you'll find out about:What he likes to do in his free time What country he was born in What languages he speaks What books he reads and recommends If he considers himself an IT Pro or Developer Awards he's receieved Famous Paintings

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