Internet Explorer Mobile 6 Only Coming to New Models

Posted by sumeethevans on November 19 2008, 5:09 AM. Posted in Internet Explorer.

Microsoft has revealed that the next version of Internet Explorer Mobile will only be released on new models. There will be no official way for current users to get this upgrade.

This new version of the default Windows Mobile web browser was announced last spring, and Microsoft promised to introduce it before the end of this year. Which it is, but only on a few devices as they launch.

The news that users are expected to buy a new smartphone or handheld in order to get Internet Explorer Mobile 6 came from a member of the Windows Mobile team on this group's official blog:

Regarding making IE Mobile available as a separate download or update, the rich media experiences that IE Mobile 6 enables require more powerful, advanced devices. That is why it will not be available as an upgrade or direct download for current phones, but rather will be made available on new phones.

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