Integrating Windows and Unix Accounts

Posted by bink on August 16 2004, 10:18 PM. Posted in Unix.

MCPMag: Microsoft’s Services for Unix 3.5 (SFU 3.5) helps bridge the gap between Windows and Unix/Linux by “fooling” Unix/Linux systems into thinking they’re just another NIS server. SFU can also perform account and password synchronization between AD and existing NIS databases. In order to work, users on Unix/Linux clients authenticate to a NIS server (either a real Unix/Linux one or a Windows domain controller masquerading as one), and users on Windows clients authenticate to an AD DC. Account and password synchronization between AD and NIS happens behind the scenes, thanks to SFU 3.5. This works well if you already have existing NIS and AD under one roof.<long>However, in both of these scenarios, there’s a fundamental problem—there are still two account databases to maintain: AD and NIS.Vintela VAS reduces the number of account databases to just one: AD. This is an ideal way to handle new Unix/Linux installations because you can position AD as the “go-to place” for Windows and Unix/Linux authentication.