Inside Windows Live

Posted by vasudev on December 19 2009, 12:20 PM. Posted in Windows Live.


Engineering is a process, with trial and error, analysis, weighing of pros and cons, planning for the unexpected, and discovering unexpected issues along the way. It’s exciting precisely because we’re always learning as we go.

I want to welcome you to our new blog, which is about just that: the engineering behind Windows Live.

Over the last year, we’ve consolidated our blogging efforts for all of the different Windows Live teams into a single blog, Windows Live team blog (or “Windows Live Wire”), so you wouldn't have to chase all over the web find out what we’re up to and what’s new in our products. But as we’ve brought the different blogs together, some of you let us know that you wanted to see more details about not only what we’re building, but why and how.

This blog, Inside Windows Live, is where we’ll do that.

The posts here are intended to complement those on the Windows Live team blog, which will continue to provide Windows Live customers with essential news and information about using our products and services. 

The new blog, on the other hand, will be dedicated to software engineers, web industry insiders, and to our most passionate Windows Live customers, those who want to dig a little deeper into how we build our services and how they’re used worldwide. 

We’ll start by giving you the current state of our software and services, including Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive, and our Essentials suite of client software.  We’ll share with you how we build and operate our services, explain what’s going on when there are service interruptions, and talk about how we see people using our services worldwide.  As we release new or updated products, we’ll provide an inside look into the changes we.................Continue At Source