Indian cricketers use Microsoft technology to improve their play

Posted by bink on October 28 2006, 11:24 AM. Posted in Windows XP Media Center.

Cricket is serious business in India and the national team is now using the latest technology to improve their game. Local batsman Virender Sehwag has been out of form in recent games. So Indian cricketers have been working closely with his coach and team mates to sort out any glitches in his technique. But one of Sehwag's hidden helpers has been his laptop which he takes with him on cricket tours around the world. Fitted with Microsoft's Media Centre operating system, the laptop enables Sehwag to watch his batting closely. He said: "Whenever I want to watch my batting, I can watch it closely.....I can watch my foot movements....I can watch if my body position is okay, my back lift is coming in the right direction. You can rewind, you can forward, you can go live." At the Rajasthan Cricket Stadium in Jaipur, 10 cameras around the ground feed the interface. The players are videotaped in action. The video is then edited, analyzed and played back to pinpoint faults and improve techniques. The software, which allows for immediate rewind and slow-motion screening, is already being used by third umpires in the game. Besides individual players, the team management is also using the Media Centre to study performance and also to build strategy against technical loopholes in the opposing team. Intense competition in international cricket today means the traditional factors - talent and hard work - are no longer enough. Technology has a major role to play too. But the pause-and-view features of the Media Centre operating system can be used for more than just sports. Continue At Source