IE8 at Add-On Con in Mountain View

Posted by vasudev on December 3 2008, 11:07 AM. Posted in Internet Explorer.


A few of the startups building browser Add-Ons have organized the first ever Add-On Con, to take place in Mountain View on Dec 11, 2008.  We thought it was such a cool idea that we decided to co-sponsor the event (Mozilla is the other sponsor).  We will be giving some sessions about extending Internet Explorer, and Mozilla and Google will be presenting about their respective web browsers.  Many companies with successful Add-Ons will be sharing their stories and experiences, so it’s a great education and networking event. 

Matt Crowley, Program Manager for Extensibility, will cover all of the extensibility options available in IE8.  I will be discussing the lessons learned porting Firefox extensions to IE.  

Come say hi to us if you’re attending!........................Continue At Source