iCloud uses Windows Azure and Amazon S3

Posted by bink on June 15 2011, 2:36 PM.

While still in beta Rafael Rivera (Within Windows blogger) worked with Paul Paliath at Infinite Apple to analyze iCloud traffic:

Last week, we posted some screenshots showing what appeared to be Apple’s new iCloud-backed iMessage using Azure (and Amazon) services for hosting. Since then, GigaOM ran the screenshots through three “cloud and networking experts at major companies” and the trio dismissed our claims.

Looking at the screenshots, it’s obvious Charles was used to dump iCloud traffic. Working with Within Windows blogger Rafael Rivera, we were able to set up a similar configuration with proper SSL sniffing capabilities — a set up that cloud and networking experts could have set up in minutes.

We sent an image from and to iPhones running a beta copy of iOS 5. The resulting traffic showed, quite clearly, the use of Azure services for hosting purposes. We don’t believe iCloud stores actual content. Rather, it simply manages links to uploaded content.

Full story and opinion at Paul Thurrott’s blog:

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