My interview with Bob Muglia: Hyper-V R2 and more

Posted by bink on March 11 2008, 1:32 AM. Posted in Windows Server 2008, Internet Information Services (IIS), ISA, OneCare, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, ForeFront, Windows Virtualization.

March 10 2008: 2 weeks ago during the Windows Server 2008 launch event in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to have a 10 minute talk with Bob Muglia. Bob is head of the Server & Tools devision at Microsoft.

I'm not a professional journalist, I did not record this session, nor did I write down a transcript of what was said, I just took some notes . We talked about Windows Server 2008 and its future.


First of all I asked the obvious question about Hyper-V, if he would be more detailed on the release date than "after 180 days of the release of Windows Server 2008" He smiled and just repeated "180 days of the release of Windows Server 2008"

I asked him about Hyper-V and the stand-alone SKU it will be released in, can you walk in a store and buy it from the shelve for the announced $28?He said it probably will be popular in the OEM channel and not in the retail.

Then I asked him if this stand-alone SKU would also be available embedded in OEM server hardware. He responded, not in this release but the next version will support that.

We talked about Vmware ESX and its features like shared memory between VMs, "we definitely need to put that in our product" later he said it will be in the next release. Like hot add memory, disk and nic's will be and Live migration of course, which didn't make it in this release.

He also stated that Microsoft was surprised how well Hyper-V performed for a first release product, compared to Vmware.

Hyper-V R2 will also support the virtualization hardware (CPU's)



Now that Hyper-V beta is out, it is a pity there is no System Center Virtual Machine Manager that can mange Hyper-V. When can we expect a beta of SCVMMv2? He said the beta will be out this spring (which meteorological) is now) The final version is to be expected the same time as Hyper-V RTM is available.

I told him that I was kind of surprised when Microsoft announced a few months ago that SCVMMv2 will manage Vmware (ESX) servers. He said this was all customer demand, It should be manageable, integrated and easy. So also not just Microsoft but also Vmware, not just Windows VM's but also Linux.

Was one of the reasons that you hope customers will "V2V" Vmware virtual machines to Hyper-V hosts? That would be nice he said, but generally customers dint migrate OS in a servers life-cycle, so ESX will stay in that customers environment next to Hyper-V, which then can be manged with one tool SCVMM v2

SCVMM will manage ESX host through Vmware Virtual Center API, wouldn't it be more efficient if SCVMM would talk directly to the ESX host?"I wish I could!" he replied. Vmware ESX host has no API so it is closed for SCVMM to talk to.

.NET Framework for Windows Server 2008 Core installations

It is a shame that some great applications cannot run on core, like powershell and apps on IIS7. Bob told me about that the current makes call to OS parts that are outside the core and therefore is not compatible. Windows Server 2008 R2 will have .NET framework support for core installations. Thats great, but...

When can we expect WS08 R2?

-2010 and it will be only x64, some stats from the server 2008 beta, over 60% installations were 64bit.

IIS7 and PHP

Now that IIS7 supports PHP out of the box, do you expect php sites to transition to Windows? I dont remember his exact answer here, but Bob told me that it performs very well and that most of PHP development is done on Windows.

ForeFront Client Security

A while ago I attended in Microsoft seminar where a MS speaker was demoing stuff on his laptop, I noticed that his corporate laptop was not running ForeFront Client security. I thought Microsoft "dogfooded" it's own products during beta, but this product is already 6 months available and still not running on this laptop. Bob responded by saying Microsoft has over 100,000 users, internal and external (vendors, partners), ForeFront Client Security does not scale that much, currently it is deployed on 10,000 desktops. ForeFront v2 will scale much better and will be deployed company wide.

ForeFront Family has a lot of products in its portfolio, even for me this is sometimes confusing, now I hear that OneCare comes with a server edition too? Bob: Yes but OneCare server is focused on the Small Business customers, so a solution for Windows Small Business Server.

ISA 64bit

I hoped Microsoft would have pushed more for 64bit to get it mainstream, but ISA Server cannot run on x64, what kind of a message does that send out. Bob: yes this is because of the filter drivers ISA uses, the next version will support 64bit.

Unfortunately my time was up, so I couldn't ask more on ISAvNext and when it will be released