General Mills leveraging Microsoft Tag as part of their Brand Marketing Strategy

Posted by sumeethevans on April 28 2009, 4:29 AM. Posted in Microsoft Corp.

General Mills, as part of their Brand Marketing Strategy, is leveraging Microsoft Tag, to reach out to their customer base and encourage more interaction with consumers beyond just “reading an advertisement”.

By integrating Microsoft Tag, they actively engage their customers at a richer level by bridging them from static advertisements to immersive ones online that provide stronger context, interactivity, and optimally, greater consumer value.

Microsoft Tag provides:

  1. Pillsbury FSI CreativeClient Software:The client software runs on virtually any camera phone on the market, including Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s Blackberry series, Nokia’s Symbian phones, and of course Windows Mobile devices.  The software captures and interprets the tags and sends the user to a mobile web site.
  2. Tag Format:The “Microsoft Tag” itself is a Microsoft-developed format that distinguishes itself from other camera-consumable 2D coding systems by being very versatile in it’s usage.  It’s EXTREMELY “durable” and readable even if blurred from motion, distance, or lighting.  It can be placed on magazine ads, product boxes, and traditional surface mediums as usual, but it can also be used on:
    1. Billboards, bus ads, and other “distance” advertising mediums
    2. Computer screens & TV ads(For example, the Microsoft Tag images in this blog post are VERY small… but they’ll still work with a 640x480 camera using the tag reader despite being blurred or of poor visibility)

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