Free winXP upgrade to x64 issues

Posted by bink on May 11 2005, 2:45 AM. Posted in Windows x64.

To those having COA/PID issues... There were a small handful of users that were affected due to missing COA/PID validation data. This data has now been input so I recommend those that had this particular issue to please try again (unless you already sought 'tier 2' support).To those having ZIP code issues... Please be aware ZIP code data is being pulled directly from the United States Postal Service, not any Microsoft system. If you are receiving errors regarding address validation, I strongly suggest you verify your address information with your local USPS Address Management System Office. You can locate the nearest USPS AMSO using the form at Please keep in mind should you need to make corrections, these corrections will not completely propogate through for approximately 30-60 days (although it really shouldn't take that long; we are after all in the 21st century). Acer, HP, Dell customers, Continue At Source