Four updates for February patch Tuesday

Posted by spy on February 7 2009, 7:27 AM. Posted in Support.

 his advance notification provides the software subject as the bulletin identifier, because the official Microsoft Security Bulletin numbers are not issued until release. The bulletin summary that replaces this advance notification will have the proper Microsoft Security Bulletin numbers (in the MSyy-xxx format) as the bulletin identifier.

The following table summarizes the security bulletins for this month in order of severity.

For details on affected software, see the next section, Affected Software.

Bulletin IDMaximum Severity Rating and Security ImpactRestart RequirementAffected Software


CriticalRemote Code Execution

Requires restart

Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer


CriticalRemote Code Execution

Does not require restart

Microsoft Exchange Server


ImportantRemote Code Execution

May require restart

Microsoft SQL Server


ImportantRemote Code Execution

May require restart

Microsoft Office