Ford Motor Co. Reaches Milestone With 3 Million Plus SYNC-Equipped Vehicles Produced Since 2007

Posted by sumeethevans on February 1 2011, 2:14 PM. Posted in Microsoft Press.

The emergence of in-vehicle infotainment systems has experienced a dramatic shift this decade, going from neutral to full speed ahead. According to a case study published this week by Microsoft Corp., the appeal of Ford’s SYNC automotive infotainment platform is significant. To date, SYNC has been installed in over 3 million vehicles, making it the fastest selling infotainment unit in the United States.

The Windows Embedded Automotive 7 platform, recently announced at SAE Convergence 2010, has tuned up the in-car experience — quickly adding to the increased value Ford has witnessed in over 20 of its models currently on the market. Today, SYNC-enabled Ford vehicles provide drivers with Bluetooth connectivity, access to music libraries on their portable media devices and a slew of other applications that contribute to an enhanced driving experience. 

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