First ‘Fiji’ Media Center systems start rolling out

Posted by sumeethevans on September 9 2008, 8:31 PM. Posted in Windows Vista.

As Microsoft watchers may recall, Microsoft’s gag order on “Fiji” (Windows Media Center TV Pack) was slated to officially end this week, concurrent with the CEDIA Expo show.

Announcements regarding the first PCs preloaded with Fiji are expected from:Fluid DigitalS1DigitalLifewareCannon PC

Microsoft released Fiji to manufacturing in July. In August, Microsoft confirmed rumors that it would make Fiji available only preloaded on brand-new Visat Media Center PCs, enraging many testers and Vista Ultimate users who had assumed they’d be able to add TV Pack to their existing Vista machines.

Many Media Center customers and testers also were none too happy that the expected DirecTV support didn’t make it into the final Fiji release.

Meanwhile, speaking of Microsoft Media Center, there is some interesting food for thought on the WindowsConnected blog regarding how Microsoft might go about creating a universal media experience across all of its platforms.

Stated as a plea to J Allard, Microsoft’s recently crowned Chief Experience Officer, the post by WindowsConnected’s Matt Freestone lays out a proposal for a way Microsoft could “end Sony’s reign of terror in the living room.” From Freestone’s post:

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