Expression Encoder v1.0 is released! (and what's new)

Posted by sumeethevans on September 6 2007, 7:21 PM. Posted in Expression, SilverLight.

Today the Expression Encoder team is releasing Expression Encoder v1.0 (the product formerly known as Expression Media Encoder).  It is a proud moment for us since we are the first Microsoft product group to ship an application targeting the Silverlight platform.

Owners of both Expression Studio as well as Expression Media can use their product keys to unlock the RTM release.  The same download will work as a 180 day trial from

For those that have played with the preview release, I've compiled a list of new stuff to look out for.  There are a few more goodies coming out to support the release over the next couple of weeks that I'll be reporting here.

What's New in Expression Encoder RTM:

Live encoding.  We've demoed the live encoding functionality but this was not included in the public preview of xEncoder.  Today you can get your hands on this.  Live encoding mode lets you stream from webcams, and file sources direct to file archive and live network stream.  In addition to what was shown previously, we've added:

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