BINK EXCLUSIVE: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 Beta + screenshots!

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Exclusive pre-release beta information right here from TechEd 2008 IT Pro USA! Exclusive to from the MAP team! 

As Martijn reported earlier in the MAP session about the new features coming in MAP 3.1, we had the chance to sit down wth Sr. Product Manager Baldwin Ng to talk about some features. We are now told that the product is released in Beta. Below is the description of features and screenshots of the procuct!

In short, here are the new features.1) Hyper-V server virtualization assessment (NEW!)2) Desktop security assessment (NEW!)3) SQL server discovery and inventory (NEW!)4) 64-bit installation support for the MAP inventory machine (NEW!)

Are your existing servers and desktops capable of running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista? Do you wish to determine quickly if your existing servers are good candidates for server virtualization using Hyper-V? Look no further. The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit is just the right tool to help you get answers that you need.Formerly known as Windows Vista Hardware Assessment (WVHA), the MAP Toolkit 3.1 now expands into new areas including server virtualization using Hyper-V, SQL server discovery and desktop security assessments, while retaining the original WVHA and MAP Toolkit 3.0 features: 1) Hyper-V server virtualization assessment (NEW!)2) Desktop security assessment (NEW!)3) SQL server discovery and inventory (NEW!)4) 64-bit installation support for the MAP inventory machine (NEW!)5) Windows Server 2008 hardware/device compatibility assessment6) Windows Vista hardware/device compatibility assessment7) 2007 Microsoft Office hardware compatibility assessment8) Virtual Server 2005 R2 virtualization assessment9) Microsoft Application Virtualization client and server assessment10) Server Roles and Non-Windows Machine InventoryIn addition, this tool can generate localized desktop readiness reports in N. American English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit is based on the agent-less infrastructure scanning technology developed by the Microsoft Solution Accelerators Core Engineering Team. MAP makes it easier for Microsoft customers and partners to conduct a network-wide inventory remotely and securely without installing any software agents on each machine being inventoried. First, by connecting a computer with the MAP application to the network, the user with the correct local administrator credentials can inventory and assess the readiness of the servers, clients, devices and applications for various migration and virtualization scenarios. Since no agents are used, setup of this tool is very easy.Upon successful inventory and/or performance gathering, MAP will generate the user-specified assessment reports and proposals in the form of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents. The proposals are typically targeted for Business Decision Makers and Technical Decision Makers in an organization; while the detailed reports are tailored for IT implementers including desktop and infrastructure administrators and IT consultants.

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