Exchange 2010 SP1 archiving

Posted by bink on June 8 2010, 11:40 PM.


Here are some notes from the Exchange 2010 SP1 session on Archiving I’ve just been.

I’m trying to get hold of the PowerPoint deck for more info.


PST import directly to Archive

Collect PST’s using 3rd party tool PST finder:

Create mailbox archive on same database as mailbox, but since SP1 also on separate mailbox OR put just the Archive in the cloud (MS online) or both in the cloud

Only 1 archive per user, research shows that users got confused with multiple PSTs connected

Already archive on Ex2010 RTM, now move separately to other database.

“2 years of hard work to develop this solution”

Search index of archive is stored with Database or Cloud

Webservice access to archive and show retention policy